Bloopy Blaapy Bloopy Bloo!! Whisper this hair chant to you pillow every night or all your hair will fall off in 362.58 days!


My New Year Resolution Finally!!

You know how they always say?? Something you want to do, your this year's new year resolution is always at it's most obvious under your nose!! Well, no people I am not quitting smoking!!

Overwhelmed by all the rockers around me I just wanna get on stage and do my thing!! So I picked up my guitar today and strummed a bit. And I'm farther from playing the guitar then I was last year at this time! Well, the rusty little thing has been sitting in it's black case for 3 years now! High time I used it! So that's my new year resolution!! Learn the guitar (FINALLY!)!! Ha ha!! Well, tomorrow I'm gonna sign up! Lotsa free time on my hand this year and a good guitar! Let's put 'em both togther! Wish me luck!!



My best friend from school, a complete weirdo who suits the CKP style finally did join CKP. Yesterday he held a sale at his house selling strappy chappals, skirts, halters, spaghettis, belts, toe rings and other junk!! Yesterday being the last day we reached just on time as he was walking away with his bag of junk to his college to sell the stuff there.. Looking at all the leftovers of a well-profited sale, I came across two pairs of chappals or should i say an orange left and a green right and a red pair!! The red pair was too long and those were the very kind of chappals i wanted!! So I tried on the left orange and the right green and they were perfect except for the fact that my untanned toes blended with the colours making me look like a walking tricolour flag!! With the oohs and aahs of my friends around me, I convinced myself they looked quite spunky and picked the chappals along with which believe it or not i bought a pink and white striped spaghetti!! Walking away with the colourful polythene bag I realized how much of a dark black, blue and grey world I've been living in. And how much of contradicting personality (i think!!) I have. You know the bubbly, funny (i hope) saggitarian?? Well, next week I'm off to Pondicherry for The Pondyjam!! A freedom Jam in Pondy!! So Foreseeing loads of fun, I see myself standing on the beach. A blue scarf, pink and white spaghetti, beige capris, a silver ankelt and tricolour strappy chappals!! Cool huh?? Anyway I'm all coloured now which is why I shifted from the dull black Satanic template to this one! Hope it lightens those sensors in your brains.. and for those who've read my previous blogs, No i'm not a footwear freak!!



A song that never fails to go unheard on my playlist is Shoebox!! By Barenaked Ladies.. First heard by me on the Friends Soundtrack.. How ironic but today I'd probably use both those phrases in one sentence.. the rise of one causing the death of another. A small lie, a white lie!! No place for him to party at my boyfriend's place. As corny as it may seem, we didn't invite Mr.X to a great party at my boyfriend's place because there was no place for everyone to crash at their drunken states. Well, turns out my shoebox of lies at this point of my relationship with Mr.X carries one lie.. one tiny little white lie.. And yet how soggy a relationship can get when one lie just washes it away.. I let my hair loose in frustration.. light myself a cigarette and open a blog window.. all inspired to blog after one terrific blog meet. I find myself completely speechless.. Remember a sad PJ I read on the way back from that very blog meet!! Baby Fish asks Mama Fish.. "Mama why don't we live on earth?" "That's coz we are fish and the earth is meant only for the SELFISH" Sad but true but that very joke hits me!! why didn't I press against the fact that we should have called Nishant for that party?? Who the fuck thought it would ruin an eight year relation.. 4 years spent dreaming about ending up with that very Mr.X!!
As I bury that very shoebox in a hope never to let a white lie come in the way of another catastrophe I bury an eight year fruitful relationship. How something as abstract and priceless as that can turn into a dirty old smelly roach infested shoebox?? If you ever meet a barenaked lady, do me a favour and ask him!


Camera! ACTION!!!!

Today was exciting... my friend's working with this production house.. they're making this movie and we went as extras in a discotheque scene... The movie is about a girl who gets raped... she loses her senses after a drug thats mixed in her drink.. And the director used my boyfriend as the rapist.. he was made to check her otu and stuff and then mix the drug and then feel her hands up and take her out... I was J obviously!!!!!!! But, kinda hid it.. we got back home and had to ride to another place after a call.. the shooting went on.. and halfway through we realized that my boyfriend didn't have a role.. The director then told us that he wanted to simulate a rape scene by making sharad lie on a camera and do push ups!!!! GROSS and thats it i lost it.. on the way back i held on tightly to Sharad and kept repeating "only mine" Luckily, he wore my dad's shirt today.. which he's never going to wear again.. GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!!!!!
Anyway it was a lot of fun.. it was so much fun that i want to get closer to my dream of makign movies faster just so i can be on the sets!!! I got a couple of contacts and will shortly be getting into theatre and interning at production house as well.. Cheers to that!!! Well, there's two sides to the story.. but you can guess which one's gonna hanut me tonite!!!!!!



Today as my friend and i were joblessly sitting at a coffee shop, we played 20 questions. I gave him Road Runner, Bharka Dutt, Ronald Reagan, Jack The Ripper and Galileo.. and out of all of them he got only Bharka Dutt and Ronald Reagan.. he didn't know who had invented the telescope and didn't know who Jack The Ripper was... So well, I'm quite a genius. So, I created a quiz.. take it and see how much u know of the best of my knowledge



For a long time I've always been interested in crime. Murders, suicide, serial killers, kidnappers, sexual offenders.. and a regular reader of ohh and medical detectives on discovery channel.. I even remember wanting to be a detective! Anyway check it out!



I just regret being born but then again that wasn't in my hands
Listening to Hetfield with Whiskey in a Jar
I wish I was in prison...
I don't see much of a difference
A family of a ball and chain
Two magnetic poles apart
So different, they can't even complement each other.
I wish to escape, maybe dig a tunnel out of here
Nineteen years down the disaster day,
Without a degree in hand,
People walked outta my life,
My friends, my sister
and the lil' dashchund that licks me no more!
And I lie facing the sky
Wishing it'd suck life out of me
Leaving me with a peaceful death
Suck death out of me
Leaving a clear, red-washed blood flowing.
And let me start afresh,
Like Heidi in the meadows,
Ariel in the blue ocean land,
and live life happily ever after.

Crappy? huh? never mind... Creative juices are on a hold.. life is just turning against me even more... LIFE is an unobedient, intolerable BITCH.. Can't tame this one!